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Video support plays an increasingly important role for business processes. SeeTec, the predecessor of Qognify GmbH was one of the first providers of network-based video management applications to recognize this – and to develop made-to-measure solutions to meet the need. Qognify lets you see your business in a whole new light – and gain new insights: for improved processes, greater efficiency and increased value creation.

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The predecessor of Qognify GmbH, SeeTec, was founded in 1996 as a pioneer of IP video technology, today we are one of the leading providers of video management software globally.

Today, Qognify helps safeguarding your world, focusing on the outcomes of customers, who place a premium on physical security. Providing solutions to mitigate risks, increase security and optimize operations, Qognify serves thousands of customers all over the world as a trusted advisor. The comprehensive portfolio of Qognify contains physical security and incident management solutions, which create add value for many sectors including manufacturing companies, transportation authorities, retail chains, banks and other financial institutions, ports and seaports, logistics service providers, schools and universities, correctional facilities, critical infrastructures and cities.

In 2018, Qognify acquired OnSSI Group with its brands OnSSI and SeeTec, thus forming a leading global player in the physical security market. Headquartered in Pearl River, New York, Qognify operates major development hubs in Germany and Israel as well as sales and support offices around the globe.

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