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SeeTec Cayuga & SeeTec BVI R11

Today SeeTec releases an update of its product line for the second time in 2017 and announces R11 of its video management software (VMS) solutions SeeTec Cayuga and SeeTec BVI.

SeeTec at Intersec Dubai 2018

Experience Video Management Solutions First Hand in 5 Themed Areas

At next year's Intersec trade fair in Dubai, SeeTec will be presenting video management applications for a wide range of areas and industries. The focus will be on solutions, with the new SeeTec Cayuga R11 product version presented to customers and partners in themed areas covering various real-life inspired user scenarios.

Investment Facilitates Further Growth

OnSSI and SeeTec announce the completion of a $16-million private placement for OnSSI by Seacoast Capital, an institutional investor based in the USA focused on high quality companies. Seacoast’s first investment in OnSSI will be used to leverage innovative technologies of both brands, to strengthen their sales presence and to fuel the business with BVI (Business Video Intelligence) solutions.

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