The key technical details on SeeTec Cayuga

Language Support

SeeTec Cayuga is currently available in ten languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish and Dutch. Other languages are currently in preparation. Support from native speakers (hotline, helpdesk) is available in many languages.

Supported Manufacturers and Devices

A wide range of camera manufacturers offers a wide range of camera models on the market. The advantages and disadvantages of each model should be taken into account in the project planning. For this reason, SeeTec follows the principle of manufacturer-neutrality. With SeeTec Cayuga you can operate over 1000 types of network cameras and video servers from around 40 leading manufacturers as well as numerous I/O and SIP modules, alarm triggers and video sensors. Standard systems from all leading manufacturers can also be used for the SeeTec Cayuga server hardware.