SeeTec Cayuga Analytics Training

The ideal continuation of the Basic Seminar. The SeeTec Cayuga Analytics-Seminar provides you the basics to plan and realize video analytics projects. It forms the basis for successful distribution and use of SeeTec-Cayuga video analytics.

  • Target group: Technicians, service staff IP video, technical sales, administrators, project managers, pre-sales, participants of the Cayuga Basic Seminar
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Maximum number of participants: 6
  • Requirements: Participation in the SeeTec Cayuga Basic Seminar (SeeTec-Certification), basis knowledge of network technology (IP addresses, network components) and a basic knowledge of network cameras.


  • Introduction in video analysis (targets, key success factors, example of intelligent video analytics, challenges)
  • SeeTec Analytics (SeeTec and Digital Barriers, licensing, distinction SeeTec Analytics Server 3D/ analytics on the edge, use cases and limits, functional aspects, performance/image quality (amount of camera channels, resolution, frame rate, object size))
  • Architecture of SeeTec Cayuga (Basic services / core service / management DB, device manager / MDS, cameras, clients, Analytics Server 3D (VA-Module))
  • Installation (System requirements, SeeTec Analytics Server 3D setup tool, administration, analytics on the edge/ Axis)
  • SeeTec Analytics Camera Placement Tools (installation, configuration, planning examples (on-hands training))
  • Configuration mode (Camera configuration / multistreaming, configuration Analytics Server 3D & rules, views, alarm scenarios)
  • Surveillance mode (Practical SeeTec surveillance, tracking data, export options)
  • Outlook on further seminars / optional subjects (Overview SAI-plugin-based analytics)


Date Location Vacancies Language
27.10.2017 Bruchsal 6 German
19.01.2018 Bruchsal 6 German


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Find a detailed description about SeeTec Cayuga Analytics Training in this document.