Update Training

The seminar provides an overview of the architecture and new features of SeeTec Cayuga. You will learn how to configure SeeTec in an optimal way and thus to use it efficiently.

  • Target group: Experienced and Certified SeeTec 5-Users
  • Requirements: Very good SeeTec 5 knowledge, certified SeeTec Partner


Main Topics

  • Licensing Model
  • Architecture of SeeTec Cayuga
  • Installation: System requirements • administration • updates / patches
  • Migration from SeeTec 5 to SeeTec Cayuga
  • Userinterface (GUI)
  • New features at a glance
  • Configuration Mode
  • Monitoring Modus
  • Report Mode
  • Archive Mode


Registration via email: training@seetec.eu


Find a detailed description about SeeTec Cayuga Update Training in this document.