Sector-specific solutions

Based on many years of experience in network-based video management and with in-depth sector-specific knowledge, we have developed solutions for the logistics, trade, finance and transport sectors. These sector-specific solutions can be customized, expanded and scaled at any time.


Even when the flow of goods becomes a flood of goods, you can trace the path of each package at the touch of a button – even after many weeks have passed. This means that losses can be quickly and seamlessly clarified, processes optimized and added value increased.
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When it comes to video management for retail, the key issues have long been about much more than just preventing theft. The Retail Solution from SeeTec also helps you to better understand your customers' behavior in the market. For example, it helps optimize marketing activities and better align the supply of goods to your target group.
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In the banking and finance sector, security is the all-important criterion. Applications for counter areas, cash centers and ATMs capture every little detail in real time – naturally with the associated transactions and data protection compliance.
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Wherever the paths of many people and goods cross, safe and smooth operations are required. At railway stations and airports, our software solutions provide protection against attacks and other risks, without impacting on-time transport routines.
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