Security Solutions with IP Video

Video management in the security sector has many different aspects: Applications range from perimeter security to security for large events and public places even early warning systems for floods. Solutions from SeeTec are just as individual as the requirements: They allow users to make the right decisions quickly – and to act.

Based on the SeeTec Cayuga core software, the systems are scalable and expandable up to any desired size and will fit seamlessly into any security architecture.

Possible uses

The following areas are the focus for the use of video management software from SeeTec in the security environment.

Perimeter/shell surveillance

  • Effective protection against burglary, even for highly sensitive facilities such as power plants and industrial facilities.
  • Close integration with access control and PSIM systems as well as control centers

Building surveillance

  • Protects public and industrial buildings against theft, vandalism and unauthorized access
  • Integration of building management systems, burglar and fire alarm systems, security control and control room solutions and VoIP-compatible devices

City surveillance

  • Such as for parks, roads and sports facilities – a significant contribution to safety in public spaces
  • With efficient alarm handling and accurate analysis functions in live and archive modes

Correctional facilities

  • Break-out protection and prevention of violence in all security levels
  • Intelligent analysis routines detect irregularities immediately


  • Protection against graffiti, damage and theft
  • Combat bullying and prevention of school shootings


  • Protection of cultural assets against theft and vandalism
  • Sophisticated alarm system in conjunction with access controls