Feature of the Month: SeeTec Auto Updater

There has been a significant trend in video surveillance towards larger installations for years. Projects with more than 1.000 cameras and interfaces to a wide range of 3rd party systems are not uncommon any more. In these projects especially maximum efficiency of system management is critical. Our Auto Updater is a must-have feature to support this.

Up to now, customers and partners have known this feature as a tool for the automated installation of new releases within one software generation. From now on, the SeeTec Auto Updater is also capable of automatically downloading and installing patches or even major updates of the SeeTec software if there is an active internet connection. Thus the system is always up to date. Using the Auto Updater also minimizes the number potential sources of errors and considerably facilitates the update to the current version for customers, who have avoided a migration in fear of much effort so far.