Important Information: Update of the Cayuga Auto-Updater


This patch update of the Cayuga Auto-Updater changes the basic communication between the components (Update Server and Update Client).

Therefore, it will not be possible to have a mix of different versions (the old one and the new one) in one system.

Make sure that the patch is copied to all systems using the Auto-Updater, before starting the update. It is important to first update all Update Clients before updating the Update Server as otherwise every Update Client must be patched manually.

Updating clients

The Update Clients can be patched as usual using the Auto-Updater or by copying the patch manually. After the Update Clients are patched it they will not connect to the Update Server anymore until it is patched as well.

Updating server

The Update Server must be patched manually after all Update Clients have been patched and disconnected.

1. Stop the Update Server service using the SeeTec Service Manager

2. Copy the files in the zip folder into “SeeTec\tools\Update\UpdateService\

3. Restart the Update Server and wait for the Update Clients to reconnect


Step-by-Step Update (Quick Instructions)

1. Check if all installations are running on the Cayuga Versions, that that are supported by the patch.
    All other Update Clients will not be able to communicate with the patched Update Servers anymore.

2. Apply the Update Client patch for all connected Update Clients using the Auto-Updater (or update them manually)

3. Patch the Update Server manually

4. Use the Auto-Updater like before.