SeeTec becomes Qognify

SeeTec becomes Qognify

In January, we announced Qognify’s acquisition of OnSSI and SeeTec. We have since been working on the process of reorganizing ourselves with the objective of serving you, our customers and partners, in a better way. I wanted to provide you with a brief update on our progress. Our core focus is helping our customers and partners to achieve the outcomes they have defined for their physical security strategies.

We are currently merging the three companies into one, headquartered in New York, US, under one brand – Qognify. In bringing together the three organizations, we are able to benefit from shared development functions including support, QA, gateways, camera integrations, analytics, performance, User Interface design, mobile applications and several other areas. The same applies to our coordinated global sales, services and support teams. Some of these shared activities result in being able to operate more efficiently, while others allow us to share and invest more across our larger combined customer base.

As we reorganize to better serve you, I wanted to emphasize that we are fully committed to developing and supporting all of our products. We are concentrating our development resources in two main R&D centers located in Germany and Israel, with additional resources offshore. This makes us much more efficient and facilitates cooperation across a far greater domain of skills and resources.Another result of our company integration is that our overall professional services and customization capabilities have now increased significantly. We are also investing in appropriate business platforms to deliver much higher levels of support on a global 24/7 basis to our customers.

Qognify, OnSSI and SeeTec have always shared a similar solutions philosophy. Our customers tend to be those who place a premium on their physical security strategy either because of the complexity of their needs or the specifics of the industries they operate in. Our primary focus, as a unified company under one brand, Qognify, will continue to have this emphasis on helping our customers achieve their overall physical security outcomes.

We genuinely hope that you will begin to feel the benefits of the integration of our companies, and we are excited about how we see the future shaping out. As of April, you will be able to experience our new, unified company and brand at various events in EMEA as well as at ISC West in Las Vegas (booth #13074).