New Technology Partners


Vigitron is a leading manufacturer of complete networking solutions and announces an integration platform for its line of network switches with the SeeTec Cayuga Video Management Software.

The integration will allow for status checking and health monitoring of connected devices to Vigitron’s network switches that are operating on the VM software by the German SeeTec GmbH.  Working in conjunction with Vigitron’s unique ability to monitor connected devices and automatically establish reconnections, users of SeeTec Cayuga will be able to program custom responses and alerts. The result is a system that will assure comprehensive recovery and protection. 

“Many times, software is wrongly pointed to as a cause of failure,” states Neil Heller, Vice President of Business Development for Vigitron. “Network performance and conductivity are key factors in any security system. The ability of SeeTec Cayuga to monitor the network, identify the source of a problem and correct them will directly contribute to fewer system down times while at the same time increasing system reliability. Vigitron is pleased to have SeeTec as a partner in these technical advancements.” 

“It is interesting to see how IP video management has evolved over the years. Incorporating status messages of hardware components other than cameras into the user interface of Seetec Cayuga is the next step to give administrators yet a better overview over the overall health of their installation,” says Daniel Bechler, Head of Project Engineering and Alliances at SeeTec. He adds: “This way we are getting closer to our goal of making the VMS the universal information hub for viewing, administration and monitoring.

Vigitron products are sold and serviced by Barox Communications under a partnership agreement with Vigitron Central Europe. The integration and its benefits will be part of Barox’s European training efforts.