SeeTec Cayuga & BVI R12

New Release: SeeTec Cayuga & SeeTec BVI R12

Bruchsal, May 2018: SeeTec is one of the leading vendors of video management software in Europe. For almost 20 years, SeeTec has been developing and distributing software solutions for security applications. Twice a year our developers take up the task to improve our products with ever better, user inspired features, heightened usability and with easier configuration in mind. But how can they advance a software product again and again that has already proven itself in thousands of installations worldwide? And how can they incorporate features that produce a tangible pay-off for all, newcomers to video surveillance as well as installers and end users that long have been working with our video management system?

The answer to these questions can be found in the release R12 of our video software products SeeTec Cayuga and SeeTec BVI which is available now.

With this our latest software iteration we have concentrated on three major areas of enhancement:

Better Usability

We have greatly improved our maps, that now offer a much better overview of your video project. It is now easier than ever to locate cameras, or alarms, no matter what zoom level you are in. You now can configure cameras in groups and we have revamped and extended our icon library so that a user can now instantly identify what type of camera is used. A new field of view function for cameras can be configured to exactly show which area the camera is covering. You can also set the opacity for field of view and any alarms associated with a camera can be easily identified by the icon turning red. Thus, the whole use of maps, as well as the interaction with it, e.g. for drawing attention to an event or locating an alarm are more intuitive than ever before.

Higher Performance

In recent years there has been a trend towards more live operation of video surveillance, especially in installations that secure public spaces, e.g. in cities, airports or train stations. With R12, we cover the demand for smoother video feeds for exactly these kinds of applications and make smooth streaming the default preference for video feeds. Moreover, we also incorporated various improvements for the decoding and displaying of the videos: not only can more cameras be played back simultaneously but this also covers the increasing demand for smooth playback of high-res streams (4k and higher) as well as streams with a high frame rate. ​If reaction time is essential, e.g. when working with PTZ cameras, you can always switch to low latency mode in order to minimize the time lag of recorded video.

​And to round it all up, our archive player has been revamped to make working in archive mode a breeze, with easier navigation and better feedback to the user.

Comfort Features

Many other seemingly small improvements will bring a new level of comfort for easier administration, especially for large installations. For example, the redesigned Alarm Search Panel already shows more information​ at a glance and when expanded presents the details in a much more straightforward way. The SeeTec Analytics Server 3D now offers a newly implemented 2D mode in order to address facade detection applications​. The SeeTec License Plate Recognition can detect even more license plate types. And for the first time ever we offer analytics tools for people counting or for left behind objects by deeply incorporating analytics software from Forlan.


SeeTec BVI also sees major advances: aside from numerous tweaks under the hood, our software to link video data with other business processes also has made huge strides in usability, an example being the redesigned search mode that offers new functionalities and sorting options. Processes that require a large number of images to be exported can now be supported as well​. By using SeeTec BVI R12, for example in logistics applications, more than 320 thousand pictures per day can be handed over to 3rd party systems. Use cases here are the documentation of the transfer of liability in the tracking of shipments where a complete image documentation is needed. ​


Customers with a valid Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) can already download and install the update to SeeTec Cayuga R12 and SeeTec BVI R12 (available June 11). The installation can be done either manually or via the built in Auto Updater, which for the very first time can also be used for always keeping SeeTec BVI up to date. And if you want to give our latest release a spin before buying, SeeTec also offers a free demo version of SeeTec Cayuga on its company website.

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