SeeTec Launches Devices Database

To assist customers with finding out if a particular camera is supported by the SeeTec software and to support partners in choosing suitable cameras for their projects, SeeTec has launched an online database of supported devices on the website. The database provides a full list of all cameras, encoders and DVRs supported in SeeTec Cayuga and SeeTec BVI, offering a real-time filter functionality to search for particular devices or according to certain specifications. In addition it contains detailed information about every single device such as resolution, available streams and compatible SeeTec versions. Furthermore the database is always up to date: At the time a further device is certified based on OnVIF or on a Smart Driver or a new driver is implemented, this information will be added on a real-time basis.

Please note that as of now the static PDF-based list of supported devices will no longer be maintained. In case that a static document is required, the print functionality of the supported devices database may be used to generate a PDF or a hardcopy.

You can find the supported devices database here: