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September 2018

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Welcome to the Fall Fair Edition of the SeeTec Newsletter

Dear reader!

Welcome to the latest edition of the SeeTec Newsletter! We got some very nice and constructive feedback after our design relaunch. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to write to us. However, we are always curious to hear from you about what you liked about our communication and what you might miss. You can contact us at: QognifyMarketingBruchsal@qognify.com.

This edition has been dubbed as "the fall fairs edition" since two of our biggest trade shows will be held this fall: Security in Essen in late September and Expo Protection in Paris in early November. Apart from the info on what you can expect when visiting us at one of these shows, you will also find new informative content within our permanent categories. 

We are confident that you'll have as much fun in browsing through the content as we had putting it together for you. 

The SeeTec Marketing Team

 - Qognify GmbH
Safeguarding the tracks of the future
SeeTec Cayuga manages the cameras of trains and stations in Kuala Lumpur's ambitious public transportation project

The Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit, better known by its acronym “KVMRT”, is a 3-line rail-based mass rapid transit system currently under construction in the Greater Kuala Lumpur region in Malaysia. As part of the facilities for the suburban train line, the ambitious project plan put forth by the KVMRT planning company included the installation of a comprehensive video surveillance system to cover the various facilities such as stations, tunnels and train depots as well as the trains themselves. Learn how SeeTec approached the challenge and delivered an all encompassing solution that already has proven itself in use after the first train line became operational in late 2017.

Read the Success Story
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Security 2018 is opening soon - are you ready?
Visit us and win!

At this year's Security trade fair in Essen, from 25 - 28 September, SeeTec will not only present its latest software development for modern video management but also raffle away two valuable prices to end customers of our software solutions: Win one of two high-quality Bluetooth speakers from Bang & Olufsen!

  • If you haven't received a winners card to enter our raffle you can download it here
  • Please hand in the completely filled-in winner's card during Security 2018 at the SeeTec booth. This will automatically take you to the raffle to win either a Beoplay A1 or Beoplay P2 Bluetooth speakers from Bang & Olufsen
  • The drawing of the winners will take place on 27.09.2018 at 5 pm. Good Luck!
Learn more about what awaits you in Essen
 - Qognify GmbH
Features in the Spotlight
Privacy Functions

The possibilities in SeeTec Cayuga to implement privacy in video surveillance can be combined with many other concepts and adapted to the needs of each individual case in order to achieve the best possible balance between data protection and functionality. We have prepared a video for you that show motion scrambling and privacy masking in action. This way you can see for yourself how these two powerful tools can help you in setting up a privacy compliant video surveillance.

Learn more about motion scrambling and privacy masking
 - Qognify GmbH
Vigitron - a new SeeTec Technology Partner

SeeTec Technology Partners are companies that provide hardware and software that is integrated into SeeTec applications (e.g. network cameras, video analysis).

Today we are introducing a new addition to our partners' list: Vigitron, a leading manufacturer of complete networking solutions.

Learn more about our latest partnership
 - Qognify GmbH
Tips & Tricks
Storage options in SeeTec Cayuga

In this edition our tips & tricks section covers the different storage options for your video feeds and how to set them up using the SeeTec Cayuga Administration Tool. 
Learn how to set up different physical storage devices and follow our step by step instructions.

Storing video data: Step by step!
 - Qognify GmbH

This fall, SeeTec will for the second time have its very own booth at Expoprotection 2018, taking place from November 6 - 8 in Paris, France. Expoprotection is the leading french trade fair for risk prevention and management. 

The focus of the SeeTec presentation at the venue Porte de Versailles in pavillon 1, booth H031 will be on physical security. Our French colleauges will not only showcase the video management functionalities of SeeTec Cayuga but also demonstrate, how through the use of Business Video Intelligence our software solutions become an essential part of your business ecosystems.

Visit the Expoprotection website
 - Qognify GmbH
New Cameras in SeeTec Cayuga
The following camera models have been certified and added to the list of devices supported by SeeTec Cayuga:

With the devices below that have been added since the publication of the last newsletter, we are now supporting over 4000 (in letters: four thousand!) devices and cameras with a SeeTec smart driver. This gives customers and planers the choice to find and utilize the device that best suits their individual project. 

ACTi: A21, A23, A31, , A41, A43, A81, A83, B214, B215, B22, B23, B410, B415, B416, B46, B49, B51, B511, B511A, B52, B53, B59, B59A, B62, B63, B71, B74, B74A, B76, B76A, B82, B83, B910, B916, B917, B934, B94, B945, B949, B94A, B95, B95A, B96, B96A, D21F, D21FA, D21V, D21VA, D22F, D22FA, D22V, D22VA, D41A, D42, D42A, D61A, D62A, D64A, D65A, D71A, D72A, D81A, D82A, E11A, E12A, E13A, E14, E210, E213, E215, E217, E219, E21F, E21FA, E21V, E21VA, E222, E223, E22F, E22FA, E22V, E22VA, E23A, E23B, E24A, E25A, E270, E271, E31A, E32A, E33A, E34A, E35, E36, E37, E38, E413, E415, E416, E417, E418, E41B, E42B, E43B, E44A, E45A, E46A, E47, E48, E56, E57, E610, E616, E617, E618, E61A, E62A, E63A, E64A, E65A, E66A, E67A, E68, E69, E71A, E72A, E73A, E74A, E75, E76, E78, E815, E817, E81A, E822, E82A, E83A, E84A, E85A, E86A, E88, E89, E918, E918M, E919M, E920, E920M, E921M, E922, E922M, E923M, E924, E924M, E926M, E928, E928M, E933, E933M, E936, E936M, E99, I27, I28, I44, I45, I47, I48, I73, I91, I912, I915, I92, I93, I94, I95, I96, I97, I98, I99, Q11, Q110, Q111, Q112, Q112-K1, Q113, Q115, Q12, Q13, Q14, Q14-K1, Q19, Q22, Q22-K1, Q250

Antrica: ANT-35000A

Axis: P3374-LV, P3375-LV, P3375-LVE, Q1647


Cohu: RISE 4290HD, RISE 4260HD, RISE 4220HD Series

Hanwha Techwin: QNE-6080RV, QNE-6080RVW, QNE-7080RV, QNE-7080RVW, PNM-9000VQ, PNM-9320VQP

Interlogix: TVP-5101, TVP-5102, TVP-5103, TVP-5104, TVP-5105

Milesight: MS-C2973-PB, MS-C4473-PB, MS-C5373-PB

Panasonic: WV-S6530NJ, WV-S6110, WV-S1511LDN, WV-S2111LD, WV-S1111D

Pelco: Optera IMM 12018, Optera IMM 12027, Optera IMM 12036

Uniview (UNV): IPC2122SR3-APF40-C, IPC2122SR3-APF60-C, IPC2122SR3-UPF36, IPC2124ER3-DPF40, IPC2124ER3-DPF60, IPC2124LR3-PF40, IPC2124LR3-PF60, IPC2124SR3-APF40, IPC2124SR3-APF60, IPC2125SR3-ADUPF40, IPC2125SR3-ADUPF60, IPC2224SR5-PF40-B, IPC2224SR5-PF60-B, IPC2224SR5-UPF40-B, IPC2224SR5-UPF60-B, IPC2325EBR5-DUPZ, IPC2325EBR5-DUPZ28, IPC268ER9-DZ, IPC322SR3-UVPF28-B, IPC322SR3-UVPF40-B, IPC3235ER3-DUVZ28, IPC3238ER3-DVZ, IPC324LR3-VSPF28, IPC324LR3-VSPF40, IPC325ER3-DUVPF28, IPC325ER3-DUVPF40, IPC3614LR3-PF28, IPC3614LR3-PF40, IPC3615ER3-ADUPF28M, IPC3615ER3-ADUPF40M, IPC3634ER3-DPZ28, IPC3635ER3-DUPZ, IPC3635ER3-DUPZ28, IPC568E-G, IPC6258SR-X22P, IPC6858SR-X22

Vivotek: FD9167-H, FD9167-HT, FD9367-EHTV, FD9367-HTV, FD9367-HV, FD9391-EHTV, FE9180-H, FE9582-EHV, IB9367-EHT, IB9367-H, IB9391-EHT, IP9165-HT, IP9165-LPC, IP9167-HP, IP9191-HT, MS8392-EV, VS8100-v2

For a complete list of all supported devices, click the button below.

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