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Video support plays an increasingly important role for business processes. SeeTec was one of the first providers of network-based video management applications to recognize this – and to develop made-to-measure solutions to meet the need. SeeTec lets you see your business in a whole new light – and gain new insights: for improved processes, greater efficiency and increased value creation.

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Founded in 1996 as a pioneer of IP video technology, today we are one of the leading providers of video management software in Europe. In addition to video security applications, we offer sector-specific solutions for industry, transportation, logistics, retail, banking, critical infrastructure and cities, which support the customers’ processes and tap into hidden potential.

In addition to the headquarters in Bruchsal (Germany), we operate sales and support offices all over Europe. The security product portfolio consisting of SeeTec Cayuga S50, S100 and Infinity is based on a flexible architecture, which enables video systems of any size in combination with extensions and interfaces to interact with a wide spectrum of third-party technologies. The second product line, SeeTec BVI (Business Video Intelligence), connects video with data from business processes to optimize and support value creation.

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Our Mission

With video management software we provide added value for our customers in the areas of security and support for business processes. In our actions, we are committed to ethical principles. We deploy the latest technologies to provide solutions for the benefit of individuals and the general public.

SeeTec Offices

With some 100 employees, SeeTec GmbH has offices in Austria, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey, in addition to its headquarters in Bruchsal (Germany). Software development and quality assurance are carried out mainly in Germany. This makes the SeeTec software a reliable "Made in Germany" product. Solutions from SeeTec are distributed via a powerful network of certified partners worldwide.