SeeTec Cayuga Analytics Training

SeeTec Cayuga Analytics Training - business people sitting at desk, using computer at business training

Video Analysis in Theory and Practice

The SeeTec Cayuga Analytics Training provides you with the basics to plan and implement video analytics projects. It creates a sound basis to successfully sell and configure video analytics in SeeTec Cayuga.

  • Target group: Technicians, IP video service staff, technical sales, administrators, project managers, pre-sales, participants of the SeeTec Cayuga Basic Training
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Maximum number of participants: 6
  • Requirements: Participation in the SeeTec Cayuga Basic Training (SeeTec Certification), basic knowledge of network technology (IP addresses, network components) as well as  basic knowledge of network cameras

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  • Introduction to video analysis: goals, key success factors, examples of intelligent video analytics, challenges
  • SeeTec Analytics: SeeTec and Digital Barriers, licensing, difference between SeeTec Analytics Server 3D and analytics on the edge, use cases and limits, functional aspects, performance/image quality (amount of camera channels, resolution, frame rate, object size)
  • Architecture of SeeTec Cayuga: basic services/core service/management DB, Device Manager/MDS, cameras, clients, Analytics Server 3D (VA Module)
  • Installation: system requirements, SeeTec Analytics Server 3D setup tool, administration, analytics on the edge (Axis)
  • SeeTec Analytics Camera Placement Tools: installation, configuration, planning examples (on-hands training)
  • Configuration mode: camera configuration/multi streaming, configuration Analytics Server 3D & rules, views, alarm scenarios
  • Surveillance mode: practical surveillance, tracking data, export options
  • Outlook on further seminars/optional topics: Overview plugin-based analytics (SAI)
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