BVI - Business Video Intelligence

Video Technology Supports Business Processes

Today most complex business processes are tracked with reams of data from various sources. But still many gaps remain, where there are no sensors, logs or visual information. These gaps can lead to losses and waste considerable unexploited potential.

With our Business Video Intelligence solutions we are able to close these information gaps. This is because Qognify's solutions use digital image data enriched by video analytics and combine it with process data. By linking these previously unconnected areas we gain valuable new information. "Seeing is believing."

For the logistics and retail sector, Qognify already offers business solutions that can be further customized as required. For other applications, tailor-made, modular solutions can be compiled – using our Multi Solution Platform.

SeeTec Business Video Intelligence - Dashboard - Screenshot of BVI R11 on a monitor

Business Video Intelligence - how does it work?

Qognify Logistics Solution - Business Video Intelligence Process (EN) - schematic representation of the BVI process

Sector-Specific Solutions

Qognify solutions with Business Video Intelligence are based on Cayuga. They are able to support and optimize business processes in the areas of logistics, wholesale and retail, manufacturing trade and banking. In these sectors, Qognify has many years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge.


SeeTec Video Surveillance Solutions - Retail - Interior of a retail store for fashion

By combining video footage with transaction data from cash registers or ERP systems, the Qognify Retail Solution forms the basis for a better understanding of customer behaviour. 


SeeTec Video Surveillance Solutions - Logistics - View of blue loading docks

The Qognify Logistics Solution combines video recordings with scanning and tracking data, e.g. from the warehouse management system, providing a seamless documentation of the way a shipment takes.


SeeTec Video Surveillance Solutions - Finance and Banking - Woman is standing at the ATM

Qognify's solutions for the finance and banking industry facilitate typical applications to enhance security and to support processes, such as the monitoring of cash withdrawals at ATMs.


SeeTec BVI - Business Video Intelligence - Production - Automobile production line

For industry and manufacturing trade, Qognify solutions monitor and support the production processes, providing useful visual insights e.g. for quality assurance.