Cayuga - Key Features

Make the Right Decisions Quickly

Inspired Usability

Cayuga can be used intuitively, without a long familiarization phase – right from the start you can focus on what's important. This begins with a modern user interface, clearly structured and made up of speaking icons and visuals. Cayuga combines the benefits of modern operating concepts with tried and trusted functionality and ergonomics – such as with a glare-free night mode. 

As a result you always stay on top of things and are able to respond quickly to events – whether you are working in live, archive or configuration mode. This is a benefit that becomes more important the higher the number of image sources and locations in a company that need to be monitored simultaneously. 

SeeTec Cayuga R9 Screenshot

Limitless Networking

Interfaces and Integrations

Cayuga integrates seamlessly into existing and new system environments via interfaces. This is an important prerequisite, especially in large projects with multiple applications communicating with one another or with multiple locations. Cayuga easily fulfills the relevant requirements from the field: in addition to direct integration of a large number of hardware and software solutions, many different standards and protocols are supported – thus far exceeding the scope of traditional security applications.  

The openness of our VMS also offers economic advantages: the investment for new installations is manageable because Cayuga can be easily integrated into existing system environments. Thanks to the broad scope of integration, older devices and systems can still be used – for sustainable solutions.

SeeTec Cayuga - Key features - Limitless Networking - 3D visual of a globe with several system enviroments on it

Hardware Integration

SeeTec Cayuga - Key Features - Hardware Integration - CCTV camera with office complex in the background

Cayuga offers maximum freedom when planning and implementing a flexible video solution. As a manufacturer independent software, Cayuga supports a large number of different cameras and devices from all leading manufacturers.

System Integration

SeeTec Cayuga - Key Features - System Integration - Network switch and ethernet cables

Cayuga can be seamlessly embedded into your security ecosystem, interacting with a wide spectrum of third-party systems (PSIM and building management, access control, intrusion, fire, alarm centers, control rooms).

Analytics Integration

With its intelligent analysis routines, Cayuga can filter relevant information from the image data received. Additional server and camera-based analysis applications from third parties can be flexibly integrated via the standardized Analytics Interface. 


SeeTec Cayuga - Key features - Software Development Kit - Leather tool belt with construction tooling on wooden board maintenance concept

Of course Cayuga can be integrated into third party systems as well – using an SDK (Software Development Kit) with detailed documentation.

Everything Under Control

Clients and Access Options

In our mobile world, video management is required to function regardless of location. For this reason, Cayuga offers access options and transmission solutions that allow you to monitor your company at all times and from anywhere. It is self-evident that your data is secure at all times – ensured by our comprehensive functionalities for data protection and encryption.

Native Client

SeeTec Cayuga - Key features - Inspired Usability - Screenshot of Cayuga on a monitor

The Native Client is a Windows-based client that provides the complete system operation, configuration and management – in Live, Archive and Configuration Mode. The client is available for 64 and 32 bit systems.

Web Client

SeeTc Cayuga - Key features - Web Client on a Laptop

The Web Client provides platform-independent access to a Cayuga system from a PC via internet or intranet – in Live and Archive Mode. It can be operated under Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and only requires a current web browser without additional plug-ins.

Mobile Client

SeeTec Cayuga - Key features - Mobile Client on two mobile devices

The Mobile Client offers rapid system access on the move via tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android). In addition to the live view from camera images, it allows archive research as well as the editing of alarms. This means that security personnel can respond to events, e.g., during a patrol. 

Display Agent

SeeTec Cayuga - Key features - Display Agent on a monitor

Large-screen systems and video walls from different manufacturers can be linked in either via manufacturer-specific split controllers or by using our Display Agent. The video walls can be controlled via any Cayuga Native Client, views and cameras can be linked in simply via drag & drop.

Multi Installation Login

A Cayuga client can be connected to up to 10 different installations simultaneously – with access to all cameras, views and alarms. The ideal solution for small alarm centers or for business parks with centralized security services. 

Cayuga Anywhere

Cayuga Anywhere allows the Cayuga Native Client to be operated on any Windows-based computer without prior software installation. It contains a fully-featured Native Client, including administration and configuration – taking account of individual user rights.

Convenient System Management

Configuration and Administration

Cayuga adapts to the structure of your company – and therefore supports one up to several thousand cameras. Via the distributed installation of the software across multiple servers, the overall system can be optimally dimensioned and expanded at any time. This means that the servers can also be set up at different locations if required. 

The architecture of Cayuga is based on a strict physical separation of clients and servers. The storing of the image data and the communication with the cameras are integrated as system services. For this reason, no separate application needs to be executed on the server and no local login is required.

SeeTec Cayuga - Key features - Convenient System Management - Manageability - 3D visual of a globe with a pc system and cameras on it

Protection of Privacy and Data

In Accordance with Legal Regulations

Cayuga offers various mechanisms to protect the privacy of employees, customers and visitors. This means that sensitive areas of the image or moving objects can be anonymized. System access can also be safeguarded via the four-eye principle (input of a second password). 

Cayuga is also well protected on the system level: Data between the server and client is sent encrypted – one reason why Cayuga has been certified for various use cases, e.g. within the financial sector.

SeeTec Cayuga - Key features - Protection of Privacy and Data - SeeTec Cayuga Packshot

Privacy Masking

SeeTec Cayuga - Key feature - Privacy Masking - Meeting room with masked area

Sensitive image areas are masked by a freely definable area and hidden in the live and archive images, depending on rights. This means that, e.g.,  public areas can be removed from the video monitoring.

Motion Scrambling

SeeTec Cayuga - Key features - Motion Scrambling - Woman in a stairwell whose person was pixelated

Moving objects or objects that differ from a reference image defined in advance are displayed pixelated in the live image and thus anonymized.


SeeTec Cayuga - Key features - Encryption - top secret file in old wooden drawer

Data transmission between the clients, servers and modules is encrypted. Communication with the cameras can be encrypted, too, if supported by the device.


SeeTec Cayuga - Certificates - Close up on woman's notary public hand ink stamping the document

Cayuga has been certified especially for the use in the European banking sector (BVG/UVV Kassen, Fiducia).