Cayuga LPR - License Plate Recognition

Automatic License Plate Recognition

The LPR module (License Plate Recognition) is an add-on module for Cayuga for the automatic recognition of license plates in stationary and moving traffic. It can read international license plate formats, including even with Arabic and Cyrillic characters, on up to eight lanes per server. The module is configured entirely in the Cayuga user interface, and the recognition of the plates is carried out either continually or trigger-controlled. The LPR module can be used with any IP camera supported by Cayuga and is integrated into the system. For optimal detection even in difficult light conditions, special LPR cameras (IP cameras or analog cameras via video encoders) can be used.

A variety of management functions such as the assignment of license plates to authorization groups or an electronic ticket assignment system complete the range of solutions. The exported license plates can also be made available to other applications automatically via an interface.

SeeTec Cayuga - License Plate Recognition - LPR module on a monitor

Management of License Plates and Events

The license plates can be registered in a database and assigned to various, freely definable authorization groups. Depending on the authorization group, specific events can be triggered, e.g. the automatic opening of a gate, alarm signaling of surveillance personnel, etc. An electronic ticket system can restrict entry for customers or suppliers to a defined time window. An interface can be used to use the data from the LPR module in third party applications as well (e.g. access controls).