Seetec Cayuga Basic Packages

For Any Video Installation - Regardless of Scope and Size

SeeTec Cayuga is available in three basic packages – in accordance with the requirements of various project sizes. All products are based on the same technical platform. This means that upgrades can be carried out simply by importing a new license code.


Scalable VMS for small and medium-sized installations at one site

  • Up to 50 cameras
  • 1 server
  • Live/archive mode
  • Mobile Client
  • Floor plans


Professional VMS for medium-sized to large installations at one site

  • Up to 100 cameras
  • Up to 2 servers
  • Redundant system administration
  • Display agent
  • Advanced alarm scenarios
  • Video analytics


Professional VMS for large installations and complex system environments covering multiple sites

  • Unlimited number of cameras
  • Unlimited number of servers
  • Hierarchical administration
  • Active Directory
  • VoIP support




High-end VMS with failover functionality for large installations covering multiple sites

  • Unlimited number of cameras
  • Unlimited number of servers
  • Failover recording



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SeeTec Cayuga Product Packages in Detail

  S50 X S100 Infinity Infinity X
Live & Archive View
Alarm Recording
PTZ Control
Max. No. Cameras up to 50 up to 100
Max. No. Users 5 10
Max. No. Recording Servers 1 2
Central System Administration
Max. No. I/O Devices 5 10
Web & Mobile Client
Anywhere (Viewer/Client)
Redundant System Management
Failover Recording
Hierarchical Administration
BVI (optional)
Display Agent
Multimedia Application Gateway
Active Directory Support
Layout Plans
Sequential Alarm View
Enhanced Alarm Scenarios
Encrypted Transmission
Transcoded Playback (Option)
Motion Scrambling
Multi Installation Login
VoIP Support
Edge Storage Support
Motion Detection (Server)
Camera Sabotage Detection
SeeTec Analytics Server (Option)
SeeTec Analytics Interface (Option)
License Plate Recognition (Option)
Access Control Integration (Option)
Alarm Center Integration
Intercom Integration
Monitor Wall Integration
OPC Integration (Server)