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Come and explore one of our eight theme worlds

In six industry and application specific theme worlds we will present the specific requirements and our vertical solutions with live demonstrations. SeeTec experts with in-depth knowledge in the respective field of application are standing by to advise partners and end customers. Two additional booth areas cover the SeeTec ecosystem and cybersecurity as well as privacy topics. 

The SeeTec Theme Worlds


SeeTec Video Surveillance Solutions - Transportation - Moving underground train at St.Gellert square. Budapest, Hungary

Get to know how to enhance the feeling of safety of your passengers by intelligently using video technology on your premises, on the platform and in your trains. Learn how to deter vandalism, monitor your operations and assess disruptions in your traffic flow. See for yourself how easily you can ensure a safe environment for your customers and staff.


SeeTec Video Surveillance Solutions - Logistics - View of blue loading docks

Get to know how to optimize your logistic processes and make them more efficient by intelligently combining process data with video footage. Uncover the hidden potential and better understand your supply chain. Learn how to properly document the transfer of liability, how to better retrieve shipments in warehouses and how to improve your pick & pack process.


SeeTec Video Surveillance Solutions - Industry - Petrochemical industry on sunset

Get to know use cases for video applications in industrial practice. Apart from classical use cases concerning securing buildings and property perimeters, learn how to incorporate license plate recognition and other means of access control into your video system. See for yourself how the clear operating concept of SeeTec software allows personnel to always be on top of the info that is presented by the system.

Public Safety

SeeTec Video Surveillance Solutions - Public Space - Top view of Munich city hall and city centre

Get to know how an intelligent video management in the public space can help reduce crime, attract business, and provide security for local citizens. Learn about the latest developments in mobile streaming and how to make use of the different video analysis solutions available for SeeTec software. See how recorded video can be dispersed easily to reach the right person at the right time.


SeeTec Video Surveillance Solutions - Retail - Interior of a retail store for fashion

Get to know the retail specific solutions SeeTec offers for application in retail. Learn how to intelligently link video data with other data your processes produce. Learn how to centrally administer your video installation if your business is structured in branches. And learn how to intelligently enrich your video data with video analytics.


SeeTec Video Surveillance Solutions - Finance and Banking - Woman is standing at the ATM

Get to know how an intelligent video surveillance concept can play a key role in the internal risk management at banks. Discover why SeeTec Cayuga meets the incredibly high standards that have been put into place by financial institutions to secure customers and assets. Learn how to heighten a customers’ safety when using an ATM or when inside the bank.


SeeTec at Security 2018 - Theme world ecosystem - hand drawing blank flow chart on new modern computer as concept

Get to know the open design of the SeeTec video software solutions. Whether you want to integrate SeeTec Cayuga into the architecture of your security systems or whether you want to interact with 3rd party solutions, the SeeTec ecosystem is open, offering you the numerous integration choices for best results.

GDPR & Cybersecurity

SeeTec at Security 2018 - Theme world cybersecurity - security lock on computer circuit board

Get to know how to put boy scouts’ motto “Be prepared” into practice to avoid potential cyberattacks. Learn about what our software offers you in terms of hardening your security solution. And discover the many integrated functionalities within our software that will help you be compliant with the newly introduced GDPR

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We are in Hall 5 Booth 5E30

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