SeeTec Cayuga Basic Training

The seminar provides a comprehensive overview of the architecture of SeeTec Cayuga. You will learn how to configure SeeTec in an optimal way and thus to use it efficiently. Afterwards you will be able to deal with first level support incidents yourselves.

  • Target group: Technicians, service staff IP video, technical sales, administrators, project managers, pre-sales
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Maximum number of participants: 6
  • Requirements: Good basic IT knowledge


  • Architecture of SeeTec Cayuga (core service, device manager/DM, clients, cameras)
  • Installation (system requirements, administration tool, service manager, update server overview)
  • User interface (GUI) (logon, extended logon, tab bar, menu bar, control bar, day/ night mode, pods)
  • Configuration mode (camera finder, hardware configuration, various camera types, time administration, maps, views, websites, user administration, user profiles, alarm scenarios, buttons, patrols, server-site sequences, system administration basics, event administration, server)
  • Client Configuration in overview (Input devices (e.g. jogdial, joystick, digit pad))
  • Monitoring mode (SeeTec monitoring in practice, export options, archive options, customized views, camera control)
  • Report mode (Event querys, export querys)
  • Archive Mode (iSearch, export of image data, import of image data, offline viewer)

Dates for the SeeTec Cayuga Basic Training:

Day 1 Day 2 Location Vacancies Language
24.10.2017 25.10.2017 Bruchsal 0 German
07.11.2017 08.11.2017 Bruchsal 1 German
14.11.2017 15.11.2017 Bruchsal 1 German
28.11.2017 29.11.2017 Bruchsal 6 German
05.12.2017 06.12.2017 Bruchsal 6 German
19.12.2017 20.12.2017 Bruchsal 6 German
16.01.2018 17.01.2018 Bruchsal 6 German
22.01.2018 23.01.2018 Bruchsal 6 German
30.01.2018 31.01.2018 Bruchsal 6 German


Registration via email:


Find a detailed description about SeeTec Cayuga Basic Training in this document.