SeeTec Experts Trainings

The ideal continuation from the Advanced Seminar. The SeeTec Cayuga Experts Trainings provide you with the necessary principles to be able to deal with specific features and modules.

  • Target group: Technicians, service staff, department heads, IP video manager, technical sales, administrators, project managers, pre-sales, participants who have completed the Advanced Training
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Maximum number of participants: 6
  • Requirements: Attendance at the SeeTec Cayuga Advanced Seminar (SeeTec certification), advanced knowledge of SeeTec Cayuga and network technology (IP addresses, network components) as well as advanced knowledge to network cameras

SeeTec BVI Training

BVI is the future of modern IP video technology. Business Video Intelligence means the interaction between video and transaction data for the optimization of business processes. SeeTec offers a flexible platform, which provides the user with individual analysis via a customer specific interface for the optimization of his processes and data transfer. Want to learn more? Visit our SeeTec BVI trainings and get to know it.

Main topics:

  • Introduction in SeeTec BVI – planning of BVI projects: Planning logistics projects, planning parcel tracking projects
  • Architecture of SeeTec BVI: Repetition of the SeeTec administration, hardware management, user management, archive mode (ISearch, export options) rights, architecture of the connectors, administrative rights
  • Installation and configuration: System requirements, BVI server administration, Backup, import- and export options, integration of connectors, updates and patches
  • BVI Client: Client configuration (cameras and hardware, maps, layers, navigation, user management), research (domains, event viewer, search, tracking documentation), image data export (export options, parcel tracking navigation)
  • Outlook on further seminars / optional subjects


Date Location Vacancies Language
01.09.2017 Bruchsal 4 Deutsch
19.09.2017 Bruchsal 5 Deutsch
13.10.2017 Bruchsal 6 Deutsch


Find a detailed description about SeeTec Cayuga BVI Training in this document.

LPR Training

The ideal continuation of the Basic Seminar. The SeeTec Cayuga LPR-Seminar provides you the basics to plan and realize LPR projects. It forms the basis for successful distribution and use of SeeTec-Cayuga License Plate Recognition component.

  • Target group: Technicians, service staff IP video, technical sales, administrators, project managers, pre-sales, participants of the Cayuga Basic Seminar
  • Requirements: Participation in the SeeTec Cayuga Basic Seminar (SeeTec-Certification), basis knowledge of network technology (IP addresses, network components) and a basic knowledge of network cameras and IP Video standards.

Main topics:

  • Introduction in video analytics (targets of LPR videoanalytics, key success factors, example of intelligent video analytics,challenges)
  • SeeTec LPR Basics (camera selection, geometrical criteria, detectable countries, DO‘s and DONT‘s
  • Architecture of SeeTec Cayuga (basic Services / core Service / management DB, device manager / MDS , cameras, clients)
  • Installation (system requirements, adminstration / VA administration, configuration
  • Configuration / LPR mode (camera configuration / multistreaming, LPR master data editor, practical use of LPR mode, alarm scenarios)
  • Surveillance mode (practical SeeTec surveillance, tracking data, export options)
  • Outlook on further seminars / optional subjects (VOIP / SIP basics, basic log file-analytics, advanced seminar, overview of vertical solutions)


    Date Location Vacancies Language
    11.08.2017 Bruchsal 5 German
    19.09.2017 Bruchsal 6 German


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    Find a detailed description about SeeTec Cayuga License Plate Recognition Training in this document.