Business Video Intelligence: Video Technology Supports Business Processes

Today most complex business processes are tracked with reams of data from various sources. But still many gaps remain, where there are no sensors, logs or automation. These gaps can lead to losses and contain considerable unexploited potential.

With our Business Video Intelligence solutions we shine light into the darkness and are able to close these information gaps. This is because SeeTec’s solutions use digital image data enriched by video analytics and combine it with process data. By linking these previously unconnected areas we gain valuable new information. "Seeing is believing."

Business Video Intelligence in practice

Success Story DPD Germany
Success Story DPD Germany

DPD Germany

As a leading parcel courier, DPD operates around 75 distribution centers in Germany. To ensure that each shipment is received reliably and on time by the consignee, its path is tracked seamlessly in the depots – often using video solutions from SeeTec.

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What are the benefits of Business Video Intelligence?

Business Video Intelligence allows you to see your business processes in a whole new light – and to recognize relationships that were previously hidden. For example, you can:

  • Respond more quickly
    thanks to shorter research times
  • Optimize processes
    via the seamless documentation of damages
  • Create more added value
    by avoiding damage or with additional knowledge about your customers

For the logistics, retail, finance and transport sectors, SeeTec already offers business solutions that can be further customized as required. For other applications, customized, modular solutions are developed – using the SeeTec Multi Solution Platform.

How does it work?

Business Video Intelligence supports and optimizes business processes with the help of video management software – in 3 steps:

  • Process data such as scanning data or point of sale data is linked to the digital images from the network-based video surveillance via a time stamp creating an event.
  • This event is enriched with information from additional sources such as intelligent image analysis and further qualified via evaluation procedures. This process helps filter the relevant answers.
  • The information is visualized and can be made available to other applications.
Business Video Intelligence: Functional Principle
Business Video Intelligence: Functional Principle

How is Business Video Intelligence implemented?

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