The Multi Solution Platform (MSP)

The modular software toolkit for Business Video Intelligence solutions

The modular concept of the Multi Solution Platform, enables us to offer a wide range of applications for modern video management extending far beyond the traditional security sector. The Multi Solution Platform facilitates industry-specific and customer-specific solutions of all sizes – each as unique as a fingerprint.

The solution environment of the Multi Solution Platform

A variety of functions can be added to the core software via interfaces, metadata, protocols, expansion modules and sector-specific solutions – as and when required.  

SeeTec Multi Solution Platform
Elements of the SeeTec Multi Solution Platform

The core software

The heart of the Multi Solution Platform is the SeeTec Cayuga software. It is platform-neutral and vendor-neutral, and facilitates customized, scalable and flexible solutions – even for widely distributed global companies.
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Sector-specific solutions

SeeTec Business Suites are solutions based on SeeTec Cayuga that are able to support and optimize business processes in the areas of logistics, wholesale and retail trading, transport and finance. In these sectors, SeeTec has many years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge.
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Retail Suite

By combining video data with transaction data from cash register or ERP systems, this suite forms the basis for a better understanding of buying processes.
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Logistics Suite

Combines video data with posting data from the goods management system to provide seamless documentation of the route of a package in the company.
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Finance Suite

Facilitates typical security-related applications in the financial and banking sector, such as the monitoring of ATMs and payments.
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Transportation Suite

Ensures safe and smooth operations wherever the paths of many people and goods cross.
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Image analysis

SeeTec Cayuga has powerful analysis modules for the evaluation of video data from multiple sources. These modules provide targeted support for the user in recognizing relevant events.


SeeTec Cayuga can be seamlessly integrated into your company's system architecture. Thanks to a variety of interfaces, third party systems can be connected  and managed, such as PSIM systems, control centers and access control systems.
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Access routes

The SeeTec system can be accessed securely from anywhere, including web and mobile clients. The Display Agent allows image data to be output onto large screen systems.
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An overview of the benefits:

  • Manufacturer-neutral – supports virtually all standard IT components on the market as well as over 1000 IP camera models.
  • Scalable as required – when your company grows, the software grows with it
  • Unlimited expansion options – all modules and functions of the MSP can be integrated into existing solutions whenever required.
  • A reliable investment – thanks to expandability, scalability and regular updates, SeeTec will remain a cost-effective solution for the long term.