Optimizing Logistics Processes with Video Management

Growing Shipping Volume Requires Smooth Processes

Globalization - as well as the ongoing growth of e-commerce - result in a continuously increasing volume of shipments and parcels worldwide. And the growth of the global shipping volume is expected to further continue.

The rising volume of goods to be delivered imposes a major challenge for logistics companies such as freight forwarders or courier, express and parcel service providers to make their processes keep up with this growth. In Europe alone, the value of shipments getting lost each year adds up to 5 billion euro - not including the cases of consignments being damaged in the shipping process or penalties in case of belated delivery.

SeeTec Logistics Solution - Optimizing Logistics Processes - Interior of a modern warehouse in time with the staff
SeeTec Logistics Solution - Gapless Shipment Tracking - Warehouse worker scanning barcodes on boxes in a large warehouse

The Qognify Logistics Solution: Gapless Shipment Tracking

As for logistics companies the on-time delivery of undamaged shipments is a critical success factor, it is key to react quickly to any case of loss or damage to avoid delays and/or penalties and to retain customer satisfaction.

Here, the Qognify Logistics Solution comes into play: By combining process and video data in an intelligent way, the route a shipment takes in a warehouse from receipt to dispatch is seamlessly documented, allowing fast and targeted investigation and clarification for any kind of incident. With its flexible and versatile design, it fits perfectly into your existing process environment.

Delivered safely to the right recipient
Intelligent shipment documentation in German DPD distribution centers

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This is how you enhance your processes
with the Qognify Logistics Solution


SeeTec Logistic Solution Find

Retrieve shipments, parcels or pallets in your warehouse - quickly and precisely.


SeeTec Logistics Solution Clarify

Find out at which point during the process a shipment was damaged or got lost.


SeeTec Logistics Solution - Monitor - parcel On Conveyor Belt In Distribution Warehouse

Document and monitor all events to make your processes more transparent.


SeeTec Logistics Solution - Locate - workers with fork pallet truck stacker in warehouse loading furniture panels

Know, where a consignment is located in your warehouse - at any time.

This is how the Qognify logistics solution works

Qognify Logistics Solution - Business Video Intelligence Process (EN) - schematic representation of the BVI process

Take a Look Behind the Scenes!
Explore BVI - the product providing the basis for the Qognify Logistics Solution.

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Use Cases for the Qognify Logistics Solution

SeeTec Logistic Solution Shipment Tracking

Track the Routes of Parcels in a Delivery Center

Who will take over liability for a shipment being damaged or lost? In case of doubt costs are often imposed on the logistics provider - regardless if he is really responsible. It's cases like these, where the Qognify Logistics Solution provides the necessary evidence in almost no time.

  • The combination of scanning and video data allows to clarify whether a shipment has been handled correctly.
  • The route a parcel takes on automated conveyor belts to the pick-up area is recorded without gaps, evidencing loss or damage at all times.
  • The transfer of liability happens with the acceptance of the consignment. This is documented reliably with the Qognify Logistics Solution.
Qognify Logistic Solution Pick&Pack

Document the Pick & Pack Process

Many mail order companies have to deal with customers complaining about incomplete shipments on a daily basis. It is often difficult to find out what really happened to a shipment as the transfer of liability often has not been documented clearly. The Qognify Logistics Solution allows all information related to a shipment to be used for a targeted search.

  • Combining video recordings and process data from the ERP system makes it possible to swiftly clarify picking errors.
  • The seamless documentation of the sealing of shipments effectively fights errors within this process.
  • The transfer of liability gets documented reliably while the goods are handed over to the subsequent logistics service provider
Qognify Logistic Solution Warehouse Logistics

Retrieve Shipments and Pallets in the Warehouse and in transshipment

In warehouses and logistics centers boxes or pallets may be dropped at the wrong position. As a result, they may not be found or they are even shipped to the wrong destination - which results in considerable costs. The Qognify Logistics Solution allows for the fast tracking of every single shipment, even though the allocation of the logistic area changes daily.

  • No matter if a shipment gets scanned at a fixed or assigned scan area or whether it gets registered by a mobile scanner - the Qognify Logistic solution makes sure that its location can be reliably traced at any time
  • By optionally linking the video data with different tracking systems you can even allocate your shipment within the entire logistics area.
  • Intelligently tracking your shipment in the Qognify system, you are always up to date, easily identify logistic errors and improve your processes.

Integration of Third-Party Systems
into the Qognify Logistics Solution


Qognify Logistic Solution Locating

An RFID tag reveals the location of a scan or the position of a package


Qognify Logistic Solution ERP/WMS

A highly flexible connection to an ERP/WMS enables shipment information to be used for search

DWS System

Qognify Logistic Solution DWS System

Integrated solution „Dimensioning, Weighting, Scanning“ provides additional shipment information


Qognify Logistic Solution X-Ray

Visual inspection using X-ray provides information about the actual content of a package