Feel Safe and Enjoy Shopping

Rethinking video solutions for retail

Through the merging of online and stationary trading, retail is undergoing a permanent transformation process. 

In addition to solutions for well-known challenges such as prevention of theft, fraud and attacks, intelligent, integrated concepts provide new possibilities for the optimization of processes or to enhance the shopping experience.

  • Benefits of online shopping such as quick and easy ordering, secure payment, full availability - now also for brick-and-mortar shops?
  • Significant change of customer journeys - select a product on the internet, try it on in a shop, order it online, return it in a different shop
  • Increased transparency across different shopping concepts
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Feel Safe and Enjoy Shopping - Business Support - Businessman Working Dashboard Strategy Research Concept

The Qognify Retail Solutions supports Your Business

Receiving relevant information quickly and efficiently and in the right context means being able to make appropriate decisions at any time.

The shift from analog to IP-based technology has massively facilitated the availability and the processing of video data, enabling new applications beyond the reduction of theft and fraud. BVI, the next generation of an intelligent video application combines video and process data, thus providing a new level of information including the customized presentation and monitoring of KPIs via dashboards and reports.

Success Story: Shoppi Tivoli
Find out why the largest shopping mall in Switzerland trusts in Qognify.

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Fields of Application
of the Qognify Retail Solution

Prevent & Solve

Qognify Retail Solution Prevent and Solve
  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Forensic analysis
  • PoS manipulation
  • Sweethearting

Manage & Optimize

Qognify Retail Solution Manage and Optimize
  • (Night) deliveries
  • Click & Collect
  • Logistics chain
  • VIP service
  • Parking and access

Store Productivity

Qognify Retail Solution Productivity and Experience
  • Customer traffic
  • Presentation of goods
  • Target group analysis
  • Conversion rate
  • Queue management

Privacy & Data

Qognify Retail Solution Privacy and Data
  • Cyber security
  • Local vs. central data access

Use Cases for the Qognify Retail Solution

Qognify Retail Solution Prevent & Solve

Protect Employees, Customers and Goods

Theft in retail shops is as old as trade itself but has recently reached new levels due to the increase in organized crime. The willingness to use violence against employees and customers is also increasing.

  • Video systems, especially in combination with software analytics solutions, are considered to be the most effective means of preventing and resolving theft and other crimes.
  • Situational and intuitive user interfaces increase the efficiency in forensic analysis and improve usability in law enforcement.
  • Free scalability of the video solution allows it to be used in individual stores, or in complex, heterogeneous store structures.
Qognify Retail Solution Smart Online Collect

Smart Online Collect

Buy online, pick up in store: This approach solves the problem of high delivery costs for brick & mortar retailers. According to McKinsey*, "Click & Collect" will save up to 30 % on costs by eliminating the expensive last mile while encouraging customers to make additional purchases.

  • Complete process documentation: commissioning - deposit - collection
  • Remote customer service in case of malfunction or complaint
  • Easy integration into the PoS marketing and security infrastructure
  • Reduction of used components for easier deployment and better maintenance

(*) Source: McKinsey: The future of online grocery in Europe.

Qognify Logistic Retail Shopping Experience

Improve Shopping Experience

To increase the store's earning potential, price setting, sales promotion measures, employee planning, etc. are regularly reviewed and carried out. In addition, however, the customer demands new, frequently changing offers - which in turn have to be implemented through active space management.

  • Precise information on customer traffic, shopping paths and dwell times, from assortment to product level, allow a detailed analysis where unproductive product groups or areas with low conversion rates offer room for new, exciting offers.
  • Capturing and evaluating the efficiency of marketing campaigns through visual representation of changes in footfall and time spent in areas with products on promotion.

The technology behind.
BVI combines transaction data and video recordings for fast and efficient search.

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The principle of the Qognify Retail solution

Feel Safe and Enjoy Shopping - Business Video Intelligence Process (EN) - schematic representation of the BVI process

Integration of Third-Party Systems
into the Qognify Retail Solution

Point of Sale

Qognify Retail Solution POS

Integration of PoS and video data enables seamless documentation of any transaction


Qognify Retail Solution Locating

Precise product-related information along with video data at any time


SeeTec Logistics Solution - ERP WMS - Man holds hands on folder

Connection to an ERP system allows transaction-based information to be used for search

Access Control

Qognify Retail Solution Access Control

Combine access control events with video e.g., to monitor the delivery entrance