Video Surveillance for Transportation

Qognify - Your Partner for Video Solutions in Transportation

We are competence partner and software solution provider for superior video systems, which help public transport companies to make their infrastructure more safe and secure, to optimize their operating procedures and to save costs.

Although we are a manufacturer of video management software, our scope is not limited to creating and distributing applications. Instead we accompany our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of a video surveillance project - from specification over planning, testing and implementation to service and maintenance.

Video Surveillance for Transportation - SeeTec - Your Partner for Video Solutions - Frankfurt Airport Train station with blur business people movement in rush hour
Security Check Germany 2017 results

Proven and Accepted

Video technology is a proven and widely accepted tool to support operations and to increase the level of safety and security in public transport.

In public transport camera-based surveillance systems have been in use for more than 20 years. With their help numerous incidents could be clarified or even avoided. As a result, the costs of vandalism and damages could be lowered significantly for many transportation companies. Passengers also appreciate the increased level of safety and security through video systems: According to a survey* Qognify conducted in 2017, 87 % of the German population accept the use of video technology in stations.

(*) "Security Check Germany 2017" conducted by Qognify and VfS (Verband für Sicherheitstechnik) in cooperation with YouGov Germany. The results are representative for the German population.

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Fields of Application
for the Qognify Transportation Solution

Stations & Platforms

Qognify Transportation Solution Find

We help you to make your stations more safe and secure - for smooth operations and satisfied passengers.


Qognify Transportation Solution Clarify

Our video solutions effectively protect your depots and hubs against vandalism and theft.


Qognify Transportation Solution Monitor

We protect your rolling stock from vandalism and make your passengers feel safe on board.

Control Rooms

SeeTec Transportation Solution Locate

Everything at a glance - with integrated control room and visualization solutions.

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Use Cases for Qognify Video Solutions in Transportation

Qognify Transportation Solution: Depot

Reduce of Damages through Theft and Vandalism

Theft and damage can be fought effectively by the use of video technology. Especially at depots and storage sidings there is a high risk of graffiti and vandalism, which may result in enormous costs and disturbances in the operating schedule. The Qognify Transportation Solution helps you to avoid this with a tailor-made toolkit:

  • Perimeter security
  • Video analytics
  • License plate recognition
  • Alerting (also on mobile devices)
  • Connection to control room
Qognify Transportation Solution: Station

Support Operations and Make Them More Safe and Secure

Passengers expect public transport to be on schedule - and every incident bears the risk of causing delays and deviations, which result in additional costs for transportation companies. Video solutions from Qognify support operations and allow a quick reaction on critical incidents to avoid disturbances:

  • Optimized train dispatch
  • Fluent real-time images
  • Crowd management
  • Operating safety (track bed, platform, vehicle)
  • Video analytics
Qognify Transportation Solution: Station

Increase Security and Safety of Passengers

Video technology makes people feel safer especially in highly frequented public areas such as stations or in means of public transport. As a matter of fact, video systems can help to reduce the amount of certain types of crime as well as to clarify incidents quickly:

  • Video security in stations (access/exit, lifts, shopping levels)
  • Live alarming and archive research
  • Emergency intercoms
  • Platform security
  • Surveillance of ticket machines
Video Surveillance for Transportation - Control Rooms - 3D visual of a control room

Integrated Control Room Solutions

In a typical public transport control room different systems and applications as well as hundreds of video sources have to be monitored at once. In case of an incident every second counts - so the operator's attention has to be drawn immediately to an event, presenting relevant information at a glance and allowing quick response. In addition, preservation of evidence has to be simple to ease cooperation with authorities:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Integrated systems (video, alarms, audio, data)
  • Visualisation on monitor walls
  • Overall security concepts involving police and fire brigades

Features and Modules
Building Blocks of a Powerful Video Solution

Video Analytics

people walking in a corridor

In addition to an open analytics interface, Cayuga provides analytics functionalities for perimeter protection.

Video Walls

security guard in front of monitor wall

Cayuga provides built-in video wall functionalities as well as native support for the major vendors.

System Integration

painted chainwheels

Qognify software products can connect to a variety of management systems and control room solutions.

License Plate Recognition

car entrance with LPR

LPR is available as an extension to Cayuga, covering a wide range of international number plate formats.