Security for Banks, Counter Areas and ATMs - the SeeTec Finance Solution

In the banking and finance sector, security is the all-important criterion. Applications for counter areas, cash centers and ATMs capture every little detail in real time – naturally with the associated transactions and data protection compliance.

How you can profit from the SeeTec finance solution:

Specific features and integrations

  • Video analysis to trigger alarms - for example, due to abandoned objects or loitering persons
  • Support of branch structures e.g. through hierarchical administration and multi streaming
  • ATM interfaces


  • BGV/UVV Kassen certificate - SeeTec software meets the guidelines for the use as an optical surveillance systems in banks and financial institutions
  • FIDUCIA certification - SeeTec software can be used on computing systems at cooperative banks

Data and privacy protection

  • Hide sensitive areas of the image (privacy masking)
  • Pixelation of persons (scrambling)
  • SSL/AES-encrypted data transmission

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Frank Mueller

Frank Mueller

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SeeTec Cayuga

The SeeTec Cayuga core software forms the basis for every solution. It can be used to realize even complex video management projects of any size. The software is also extremely easy to use along the way.

SeeTec Cayuga - Mainvisual

An overview of the benefits:

  • Easy to use for efficient working
  • Advanced applications in Live and Archive modes
  • Redundancy concept
  • Practical system administration
  • Integration of numerous third party systems