Video Surveillance for Transportation and Traffic - the SeeTec Transportation Solution

Wherever the paths of many people and goods cross, safe and smooth operations are required. At railway stations and airports, our software solutions provide protection against attacks and other risks, without impacting on-time transport routines.

Success Stories

SeeTec Software schützt Flughafen Karup

Karup Airport

At Karup Airport in Denmark, the task was to monitor additional security-relevant areas such as the airfield as well the passenger and baggage check areas. SeeTec delivered a tailored new system.

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How you can profit from the SeeTec transport solution:

Management of decentralized installations

  • Hierarchical administration allows mapping of organizational structures
  • Bandwidth optimized image transfer through multi streaming
  • Flexible access via mobile client solutions

Video analytics: keeping the focus

  • Integrated object classification and analysis algorithms
  • Use of third party camera and server based analytics tools

Activation of large-screen systems

  • This means that a large number of cameras can be kept in view at all times

Your contact for transportation solutions

Andreas Beerbaum

Andreas Beerbaum

Managing Director

Tel.: +49 7251/9290-0

Our expert for the SeeTec transportation solution will be happy to help.


SeeTec Cayuga

The SeeTec Cayuga core software forms the basis for every solution. It can be used to realize even complex video management projects of any size. The software is also extremely easy to use along the way.

SeeTec Cayuga

An overview of the benefits:

  • Easy to use for efficient working
  • Advanced applications in Live and Archive modes
  • Redundancy concept
  • Practical system administration
  • Integration of numerous third party systems