• 19.05.2017 

    A fast reaction to occuring events is a main challenge for video management solutions and the persons who use them. To fit this need, SeeTec Cayuga offers a browser and operating

  • 11.05.2017 

    As of today, the latest release R10 for SeeTec Cayuga and SeeTec BVI is available. SeeTec Cayuga R10 now supports bi-directional audio connections directly to the camera (in

  • 31.03.2017 

    High availability with SeeTec Cayuga is achieved by a combination of redundant system management and fail-safe recording. Using low-cost and available equipment, you can reduce the

  • 03.03.2017 

    Every day, 150,000 parcels are transported by the French DPD group, which makes nearly 55 million parcels per year. Online shopping would be unthinkable for the consumers without