Which impact will the acquisition of SeeTec by OnSSI have for SeeTec as a company?
Stephan Rasp, CEO: Through the acquisition SeeTec will get access to the American markets in two ways: The server component of SeeTec Cayuga will be the basis of new OnSSI products and replace their current supplier over time. Furthermore, we will be able to offer our BVI solution in the Americas together with our new colleagues and global partners. Both steps provide a long-term perspective for SeeTec as well as for Cayuga. OnSSI gains access to our technology. Together we form one global company. The acquisition will not result in changes regarding contact persons or responsibilities. With OnSSI we’ve found a partner, who is a good match and is similar to SeeTec in many aspects. OnSSI is sized and structured similarly, both companies are software companies dedicated to VMS. SeeTec benefits substantially from this transaction – both from a commercial and from a technological point of view. With the new setup we are prepared for convergence and globalization in the VMS industry and become the no. 2 player in this market worldwide.
How will the transaction influence the sales of SeeTec solutions?
Andreas Beerbaum, Head of Sales:The sales areas of SeeTec and OnSSI have only a small overlap and complement each another in the best possible way. While SeeTec is mainly strong in European markets, OnSSI has a focus on the Americas, especially on USA, and this is not going to change. We will rather be able to access new markets and regions with joint forces and thereby become a real global player in the VMS market. It is especially important for us to foster and further develop existing partnerships – our distributors, integrators and installers are ultimately the basis of our success.
Both companies – SeeTec and OnSSI – provide powerful VMS solutions, which are established in their core markets. Will one of these projects be discontinued now?
Andreas Conrad, Head of Product Management & Marketing: Both VMS products are tailored to the needs of their particular core markets, which are remarkably different. Discontinuing SeeTec Cayuga or OnSSI Ocularis would substantially weaken our position in these markets. Our customers in Europe can furthermore trust in SeeTec Cayuga as an independent and future-proof VMS solution. However, SeeTec and OnSSI will clearly benefit from an exchange of know-how on a module or feature level. Thus, future products from OnSSI will contain recording technology from SeeTec Cayuga. With the BVI product line, which enables an integration of video into customers’ business processes, SeeTec moreover offers a one-of-a-kind product.