Enhanced Performance with New SeeTec LPR Products

In general current servers contain four or more processor cores. To make optimum use of this hardware, the applications in use on those servers have to support more than one CPU core as well. If so, a noticeable improvement of performance can be achieved.

The so far available SeeTec LPR Module (still available as SeeTec Cayuga LPR Basic) is capable of addressing just one processor core. Our latest products SeeTec Cayuga LPR Premium and Enterprise now offer the possibility to use two (Premium) or four (Enterprise) processor cores. The advantages are obvious: Hardware is used more efficiently and additional lanes can be covered by one server due to the enhanced system throughput.

A smart hint for the planning of your LPR-system: For a optimum mode of operation we recommend a server, which contains twice as many processor cores as used by the license plate recognition. That means four CPU cores for SeeTec Cayuga LPR Premium and eight CPU cores for SeeTec Cayuga LPR Enterprise. 

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