New Technology Partners


The quality of a video surveillance system is not only determined by the selection of the right video management software and suitable cameras - network technology also plays a decisive role.

It is the reliable transmission of data within the network that enables a smooth recording and playback of image streams. To ensure this, SeeTec is entering into partnerships with manufacturers of network components and is putting the corresponding products to the test in our in-house lab, where realistic data loads are being simulated in the framework of endurance tests. Having successfully passed the internal testing, we are particularly pleased to welcome Barox as a manufacturer of communication technology in our solutions partner network. The Swiss manufacturer offers special network switches for video systems that are designed to cope with a constantly high data load. In addition, some of the switch models from Barox have added convenience features: cameras that are powered by PoE can be monitored by the switch and restarted in the event of a failure. If this is not possible, the switch issues an alarm message, which in turn can also be displayed in the SeeTec Cayuga Client. Thus, even complex operating requirements can be met - and your SeeTec installation runs even more reliable!


Video analysis applications can help making your SeeTec installation more intelligent in operation, because they were created to focus on relevant events in the ever-growing volume of video recordings.

Intelligent video analytics make a surveillance system more efficient and reduce the workload on security and management staff. Today, analytics are especially suitable for the automatic detection of clearly definable event patterns. Typical scenarios here mostly focus on perimeter protection, detecting persons or vehicles that enter specific areas without permission. For these requirements SeeTec offers an own analytics product, SeeTec Analytics Server 3D. However, there is a much wider range of intelligent analytics tools for many different use cases in the market, and this is where the SeeTec Analytics Interface (SAI) comes into play, allowing the flexible integration of 3rdparty analytics algorithms via plugins. Being the latest SAI-based integration, TechnoAware recently joined our technology partner network. The Italian company, which researches and develops technologies, products and solutions for video analysis and ambient awareness, was founded in 2003. TechnoAware stems from more than 30 years of experience and expertise of the University of Genoa’s ISIP40 Research Group and today has become one of the foremost experts in video analysis worldwide. With 24 functions from perimeter protection to marketing tools and face recognition, TechnoAware claims to offer the widest portfolio of video analytics in the market today. Via a SAI-based plugin, many of its analysis modules are already compatible with SeeTec Cayuga, meaning that the events and alarms triggered by the analytics algorithms can be displayed and viewed within the SeeTec Cayuga client.