Tips & Tricks: Licensing

Licensing of SeeTec Cayuga - what you need to know

Concerning the "Licensing of SeeTec Cayuga", there are three recurring questions that we want to answer here.

Before you head over to the respective section on our website or contact support, please have the following information ready:

  • the version of SeeTec Cayuga you use
  • your INR (installation number); both can be found in your order confirmation
  •  and your product ID:


Note: In cases where a virtual machine is being used, we additionally need the IP address of the main server for licensing (Core Service Master).

1. How do I get a license key for the initial installation?

If you have not yet received a license key for your new SeeTec software, you can request a license key here and thus unlock the full functionality of your application.


Important note: In cases where a virtual machine is being used, please also fill in the field "Additional installation info" and specifiy the IP address of the main server  (Core Service Master).

2. I have made changes to the server and have a new product ID, how do I get a new license key in this case?

If you make changes on your server, such as adding RAM or changing the operating system this will affect the product ID stored in your system.

As a result, you will need to renew your SeeTec Cayuga license. 

In this case you can use this form to request a new license.

3. I can't seem to find my license file anymore. What can I do?

Again, we are happy to help and resend you your license file.

For this case as well, there is a form on our website that you need to fill in.

Note: We will send you the requested license to the e-mail address specified when having placed the order. Please note that you must have access to this email account in order to download the license key!

How do I install the license that SeeTec sent me into my system? 

It's easy to install the license:

1. Start the SeeTec Cayuga Client and log into your system.

2. In the menu „Info“ choose the submenu  „Activate product“ – „Offline“.

3. In the window that opens, click on „Import license file“.

4. Select the location where you saved the license file 

5. And finally click on „Import“.

Did you know ...

... that all the settings that you made in demo mode remain unchanged in a licensed installation?


This way you do not need to re-install cameras, alarms and other settings.


You can request a demo version of SeeTec Cayuga by clicking here.