Seasons greetings, new software version R13, SeeTec Cayuga in use in refrigeration logistics, and more...


December 2018

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

Dear reader!

Welcome to the last edition of the SeeTec Newsletter in 2018! 

We have again compiled the latest information on what's new at SeeTec: shortly before the year comes to a close we are happy to announce that SeeTec Cayuga is available as R13. SeeTec BVI will be released shortly by the end of January. Both releases are the cumulation of 6 months of work and they contain many new features and improvements.

But also our recurring info sections are filled again to the brink. And thus you can learn about a new use case in logistics or on which events you can meet us in 2019. 

Last but not least, we want to extend the warmest wishes to you, our customers and partners, and hope that you will enjoy peaceful holidays. We are already looking forward to a successful partnership and exciting projects in 2019.

The SeeTec Marketing Team

 - Qognify GmbH
SeeTec launches new versions of its video applications
Release R13 of SeeTec Cayuga and SeeTec BVI now available

SeeTec has just launched the second release of its products in 2018. The recent version R13 of the video management software SeeTec Cayuga comes with a new interface to unleash the software’s full potential in integrated security ecosystems, generating significant added value for corporate and enterprise customers. SeeTec BVI, the customizable video solution to support business processes, undergoes a paradigm shift towards real-time operations, especially for use cases in retail and logistics.

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The transport of drugs and raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry is demanding: in addition to securing freight handling and on-time delivery, often continuous cooling within a defined temperature range must be ensured during transport and storage. Interruptions in the cold chain can be extremely expensive since the value of individual shipments can amount to over € 1 M. A video system from SeeTec helps pharmaceutical logistics company Frigo-Trans to monitor such critical processes and thus to avoid costs.

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In the Spotlight
New FTP address for SeeTec Update Server

Most of our customers use the automated UpdateServer to update their SeeTec installations. The reason is easy: it is the most convenient way to always keep your installation up to date.

For technical reasons, the address of the Update Server had to be changed, but there is an easy fix to change the location where your updates will be downloaded from in the future.

Learn how to redirect to the new UpdateServer FTP-address.
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After a very successful participation in 2018, SeeTec is happy to announce that it will return to next year's Intersec trade fair in Dubai taking place January 20 - 22, 2019. On the SeeTec booth SA-B41 in the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, the company will again be presenting its latest video management applications for a wide range of areas and industries together with Electronic Design, the SeeTec Partner in Dubai.

Visit the Intersec website
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New Cameras in SeeTec Cayuga

We are continuously improving our Smart Drivers, and with SeeTec Cayuga R13 we realized several optimizations in order to increase stability and robustness. Of course we also added new functionalities such as:

  • Further Smart Drivers for Uniview, Eclipse, Vanderbilt and another one for Sony’s latest Generation X cameras
  • Camera-side event trigger support for the Dahua Smart Driver including video analytics events
  • Multi-channel support for the Panasonic Smart Driver in order to be compatible with Panasonic’s new multi-sensor devices
  • Extended function set of the Onvif Profile-S Driver for camera-side image rotation, day/night, focus, iris control and increased number of individual camera event triggers

The following camera models have been certified and added to the list of devices supported by SeeTec Cayuga:

Axis: A9161, A9188, P3807-PVE, P5624-E Mk II, Q1659, Q1786-LE, Q6052, Q6052-E

Dahua: Added more than 120 further devices

Dallmeier: DDF4510HDV, DDF4820HDV-DN, DDF4910HDV-DN, DDF4920HD-DN, DF4820HD-DN, DF4910HD-DN, DF4910HD-DN/IR, DF4920HD-DN, DF4920HD-DN/IR

Mobotix: MOVE BC-4-IR (Mx-BC1A-4-IR), MOVE SD-330 (Mx-SD1A-330), MOVE SD340-IR (Mx-SD1A-340-IR), MOVE VD-4-IR (Mx-VD1A-4-IR)


Panasonic: WV-S3131L, WV-S3531L, WV-S3130J, WV-S3530J, WV-S3532LM, WV-S3111L, WV-S3511L, WV-S3110J, WV-S3510J, WV-S3512LM, WV-S2550L, WV-S2550LNJ, WV-S2250L, WV-S1550L, WV-S1550LNJ, WV-V2530L1

TVT: Added 50 new devices 

Vanderbilt: CCMD2010-OIR, CCMD2010-OIRD, CPMS2010-IR, CPMS2010-VIR, CPMW4010-IR, CPMW4010-VIR, CVMS1310-IR, CVMS1310-VIR, CVMS2010-VIR, CVMS2011-IR, CVMW2010-IR, CVMW2010-VIR, CVMW4010-IR, CVMW4010-IRW, CVMW4010-VIR

Verint: V3320FD-DN

Vivotek: FD8167A-S, FD8169A-S, FD9187-H, FD9187-HT, FD9387-EHTV, FD9387-EHV, FD9387-HTV, FD9387-HV, IB9387-EH, IB9387-EHT, IB9387-H, IB9387-HT, IP9167-HT

For a complete list of all supported devices, click the button below. 

All Supported Devices