Tips & Tricks: Multistreaming in Cayuga

Multi-Streaming as default!

Did you notice? Starting with SeeTec Cayuga R12, whenever you integrate a new camera into your installation automatically two video streams are being generated for that camera. You might ask yourself why we chose to make this a default behavior. It's very easy and obvious: let’s say you are operating a scenario with multiple camera pictures in a grid view in your SeeTec Cayuga client. You probably won’t need a high resolution and/or a high frame rate to display the information in that scenario. However, if an alarm is triggered, or if for whatever reason you decide to enlarge a video stream with a click, you probably want to be able to see more detail for the camera selected. But also the configuration of a server-based motion detection is easier, when working with multiple streams.

Step by step instructions

Step by step instructions

How to configure Multi-Streaming

The setup of your various streams can be done in Configuration mode:

  • Click on Video streams
  • Select the stream you want to configure


Storage location

You now can configure the:

  • resolution,
  • framrate,
  • streaming format, etc

for the different streams.

Make sure that you define a classification for your stream as well in order to manage the occurrence later.

Image settings

In the Profile configurator you can select the different video types for typical scenarios.

Did you know ...

... that if you don't want new cameras to be integrated with two streams, you can deactivate this function BEFORE you set up the cameras.

... that you can set up an installation with our demo version before licensing our software. All settings that you administered in the demo application will be taken over to the productive system once you buy.