SeeTec Cayuga & BVI R11

New Release: SeeTec Cayuga & SeeTec BVI R11

Bruchsal, November 2017: Today SeeTec releases an update of its product line for the second time in 2017 and announces R11 of its video management software (VMS) solutions SeeTec Cayuga and SeeTec BVI.

Today’s updates contain many improvements “behind the scenes” for customers and users of SeeTec’s software solutions. After months of work, the new versions mainly focus on refining many of the established features. But many little things add up as well, so that we are convinced that they will make your experience in working with our software so much more reliable, and ever more comfortable. Especially large installations (with a master and slave structure) will profit from an increased overall performance of our VMS.

But there are of course also some more obvious changes to highlight:

SeeTec Cayuga

As the most used tool for forensic search, we tweaked the ISearch feature within SeeTec Cayuga, so that it now delivers up to 20 x faster search results. The search function does not require any previously generated meta data and displays first results already while the search is still in progress.

A new notification window now gives the user detailed information in cases where there is a problem with the Device Manager (DM) or the Media Data Base (MDB), making it much easier to look for the cause of a problem within the installation.

R11 of SeeTec Cayuga is fulfilling the requirements of the German UVV Kassen again, thus certifying it use for room surveillance in the banking environment.

As with each new iteration, SeeTec Cayuga now also contains support for more cameras and camera functionalities with smart drivers, e.g. for cameras from Dahua and Panasonic. For critical environments with strict security policies in place, the communication between the hardware and SeeTec Cayuga can now be encrypted using TLS 1.2, depending on whether the cameras used support this protocol as well. The list of supported cameras is extensive, however please make sure to use only cameras that are officially certified. An overview can be found in the Supported Devices Database.

SeeTec BVI

SeeTec BVI also received some handling improvements: the map view has been revamped to improve usability and to not only get easier access to the feeds of the camera but also to receive a faster overview and handling of events. Videos now can be exported in the open AVI format and thus be viewed in any video viewer software. Pre-defined dashboards and reports can be generated to automate reporting and thus have quick and easy access to and disperse the relevant KPIs of your installed system to interested parties.

What’s more?

In order to make our products more easily accessible for international customers, the software interface is available in many languages. And its number is growing. Thus, SeeTec Cayuga is now available in 14 language localizations (English, German, French, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Dutch and new: Portuguese) while SeeTec BVI now supports 4 languages (English, German, French, new: Spanish).

Customers with a valid Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) can already download and install the update to SeeTec Cayuga R11 and SeeTec BVI R11 (available November 23rd) either manually of via the Auto Updater. SeeTec also offers a free demo version of SeeTec Cayuga on the company website.

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