Ready for GDPR with SeeTec

Ready for GDPR with SeeTec

Shortly before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect at the end of May, the topic is prevalent everywhere. Since this topic creates many questions and sometimes even confusion, we have summarized all the information that you should consider when planning, building and operating a video management system. Rest assured though: SeeTec products are fit for use under the GDPR and bring everything you need for a privacy-compliant video installation.

Fit for the GDPR with products from SeeTec

As a German manufacturer, we have always been diligent in implementing features to ensure data protection and data security into our products. Just in time for “GDPR day”, however, we have updated all relevant information on this topic and provide it compactly on our homepage for you.

For operators of video systems, the GDPR will lead to some changes what they will have to observed in the future. The regulation sets out a comprehensive framework on how data protection will be defined within the EU in the future and what measures should be taken to protect the privacy of individuals. In order to comprehensively document this information, we have prepared a 2-page flyer "Safety and Data Protection at SeeTec" for you, in addition to the content directly on our homepage. This shows a first, general overview, what you have to comply with for implementing a video surveillance according to the new boundary conditions put forth in the GDPR.

In addition, you will find an expanded presentation that summarizes the technical implementation and setting options in SeeTec Cayuga here. With its scope it is aimed more towards planners and IT staff.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Support should you have any further questions on this topic.

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