Image recording with audio in Cayuga R7 runs smoothly again with new patch

Due to a defective buffering mechanism image recording errors may occur in SeeTec Cayuga R7. The errors, which are shown by leaps and artifacts in the playback of archive footage, may appear in installations using one of the packages below:

The errors exclusively affect image streams recorded in MPEG4/H.264 format with audio enabled. We ask all customers currently using a system with the SeeTec Cayuga software version mentioned above to download and install the patch listed below to avoid further recording errors. In case that faulty footage has already been recorded, playback can be set to play I-frames only as a workaround (switch to reduced frame rate in profile). If this is not sufficient, please get in touch with our service department as there are ways to reconstruct the recordings if required. No data is lost!


Patch download link


A new, corrected installation package is available in our partner web. We apologize for any trouble, which might have been caused by this error.