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Qognify to Showcase Integrated Video Solutions with Cayuga and Umbrella at Intersec 2020

Qognify – the trusted advisor and provider of physical security and enterprise incident management software solutions, will be present at Intersec 2020. The company will demonstrate the latest version of its state-of-the-art video management system Cayuga as well as its newly released, web-based central management platform Umbrella. Focusing on the outcomes of customers that place a premium on physical security, safety and operations, both products enable organizations especially in the logistics and retail sector to increase security and process transparency and derive valuable business insights.

Qognify Launches Ocularis 5.8 Video Management System Providing Easier Deployment and Advanced Connectivity

Qognify - the trusted advisor and technology solution provider for physical security and enterprise incident management – today launches version 5.8 of Ocularis, the award-winning video management system (VMS) for enterprise and corporate projects with an emphasis on tactical real-time operations and live visualization.

Qognify Announces the Cyber Security Release of its Cayuga Video Management System

Qognify - the trusted advisor and technology solution provider for physical security and enterprise incident management – today anounce that the latest release of its video management system (VMS) Cayuga R14, places a major focus on cyber security.

Important: change in Auto Updater routine for our Cayuga and BVI products

In order to make use of the Auto Update function in both, Cayuga and BVI in the future, we highly recommend following the procedures explained in the PDF that you’ll find here.

Due to the conversion of the communication protocol between Update Server and Update Client, it is mandatory to install the patches for both components manually
As this patch changes the basic communication between the Auto Updater components (Update Server and Update Client), it will not be possible to have a mix of different version in one system.


The Next Generation of Video Surveillance

Cayuga is the center of the Qognify product range. With this modular system concept, it facilitates a wide range of applications even far beyond the traditional security sector. Thanks to a variety of many different modules and interfaces, which can be docked onto the Cayuga core software, individual, scalable video management solutions are compiled for every conceivable use case and purpose – solutions that are as unique as a fingerprint. The wide line-up of Cayuga contains the ideal product for video surveillance projects of any size.


The Central VMS Management Platform

Umbrella is a new central VMS management solution that is fully integrated with the Cayuga video management software from Qognify. The web-based Umbrella can be hosted both in the cloud and on-site. After installation, Umbrella provides a consolidated view of all servers and cameras in each connected installation, highlighting those that require attention.

Umbrella is perfect for companies in the banking, retail, logistics and transportation industries that operate large branch networks.

SeeTec Business Video Intelligence - Dashboard - Screenshot of BVI R11 on a monitor

Business Video Intelligence

Video Technology Supports Business Processes

Today most complex business processes are tracked with reams of data from various sources. But still many gaps remain, where there are no sensors, logs or automation. These gaps can lead to losses and contain considerable unexploited potential.

With our Business Video Intelligence solutions we shine light into the darkness and are able to close these information gaps. This is because Qognify’s solutions use digital image data enriched by video analytics and combine it with process data. By linking these previously unconnected areas we gain valuable new information: "Seeing is believing."

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Satisfied Customers

Heiko K.
DPD Germany
SeeTec Video Surveillance Solutions - dpd - customer image of a delivery van

“For DPD the responsible use of resources plays an important role. The fact that this aspect could be taken into account as part of the introduction of an innovative IP video system to support our business processes makes it even better!”

Eric W.
Colruyt Group
SeeTec Video Surveillance Solutions - Colruyt - customer image of a truck trailer

“We are gradually discovering the versatility of the software. Only when you deal with something on an everyday basis, you begin to see potential for improvement that can be exploited with the help of the video management solution.”

Patrick C.
Stadtwerke München
SeeTec SWM subway

“The open Qognify system shows our customers that we live our motto – the software is intensively used by us to prevent danger and avoid escalations. Our conclusion after three months of practical experience is positive throughout.”

Next Generation Video Management Software

The cameras keep track of everything, the software ensures security and safety – this is the concept of video surveillance software from Qognify. But with video surveillance arriving in the digital age, Qognify does not only offer video management software but sector-specific solutions under the buzzword “Business Video Intelligence”.

Systems for video recording and real-time surveillance have long found their places in security technology. With the Multi-Solution Platform, which is based on the current generation of our video management software (VMS) Cayuga, our customers exceed the limits of traditional video surveillance. By means of video data they optimize a wide range of business processes in logistics, retail, transportation and finance.

Our video management software can be seamlessly embedded into existing infrastructures and systems such as access control. The clearly arranged user interface allows intuitive handling, furthermore the user is supported by definable processes in terms of alarm scenarios as well as by intelligent video analysis. Thus, with Qognify, video surveillance and video management software turn into system solutions, which precisely match our customers’ needs – as this is the only way to reach our joint targets: Increased security and value creation.